I was born in France in 1983. I obtained a professional baccalaureate before moving to Germany. I got my academic degree in 2018 at the University of Karlsruhe and a Meisterschüler in 2019 under the direction of Leni Hoffmann. 

My research consists in developing a movement in space with standard materials like glass, plastic, wood, cement, mixed with other reflective materials like water, mirror, light. These materials are easily accessible, they find their authenticity, freed from their primary function to entertain the eye and to match my convictions. The association of found objects with purer materials opens a dialogue with the eye. I redefine the identity of existing objects by offering them a new space. My work can only exist in the space in which it is conceived, associated with the forms and the order of the colours.

The colours I use have their source in the urban culture that permeated my first artistic steps. The confrontation with some very bright colours is both surprising and irritating. The order in which I harmonise them entertains and arouses curiosity. The shades are linked to the intensity of the light and the sobriety of the objects.
The reflection on pure surfaces dulls these colours and gives a different structure to the prescribed forms. Sometimes they serve to break up space and open up other dimensions from the visible to the invisible, where light plays a dominant role. The alignment and superimposition of light-conducting elements deflects the colours.
Movement takes different forms in my work. It consists of exploring different levels of space by fragmenting the dimensions while bringing them together, thus creating an anamorphosis in which the viewer is led to take a place.




2018-2019 Meisterschüler bei Prof. Leni Hoffmann

2013- 2018 Kunststudent an der Staatlichen Akademie der bildenden Künste  Karlsruhe mit dem Abschluss Diplom Künstler

2017 Erasmusaustausch an der Fine Art Académie Tianjin China bei Prof. Deng


2018 DAAD Preis für hervorragende Leistungen ausländischer Studenten

2018 Diplom an der Staatlichen Akademie der bildenden Künste Karlsruhe bei  Prof. Leni Hoffmann



Elementary, Projektraum Edith, Munzingen


ODO, Münzingerstraße, Freiburg

Keine Kalte Füße Mehr, Sybellzentrum, Karlsruhe


Robert, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

Meisterschülerausstellung, Stätdtische Galerie, Karlsruhe

NimNim Peng, Passagehof, Karlsruhe


Museum for Modern-Art, Tianjin (China)

Abklatsch, Orgelfabrik, Karlsruhe

GroundZero, Turm Cafe, Freiburg


Last Crunch, garage L6, Freiburg

2013 & 2015

Longitude 1 & 2, Freiburg